The Indermaur Chess Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and U.S. Chess Federation Affiliate that helps parents, teachers, and volunteers start chess clubs in North Carolina schools, libraries, and community centers.

Chess clubs provide many benefits to students and schools, but very few schools have them due to financial constraints or a lack of support for volunteer chess organizers. We have personally seen hundreds of families experience these benefits through the clubs where we volunteer, so we started the Indermaur Chess Foundation to help more North Carolina schools start chess clubs. As a US Chess Federation Affiliate, we also help these schools run tournaments and other chess events.

Mark Indermaur is a volunteer chess coach and organizer with eleven years experience teaching hundreds of children chess.  He has run over 100 rated tournaments as a USCF Senior Tournament Director and was named NC Chess Coach of the Year in 2016 and in 2020. He has encouraged parents to start chess clubs at several other schools and helped start the NC Youth Chess public Facebook group to share ideas, provide support and resources, and promote youth chess events. 

Meredith Indermaur is a mom with 25 years experience volunteering in Wake County Public Schools. Meredith is a long-term volunteer with The Diaper Train, Wake County’s diaper bank, where she leads a team of volunteers and manages packaging and distribution. She has also spoken to community groups to solicit funds on its behalf. Along with her husband, she leads an elementary school chess club and organizes its parent volunteers, most of whom have no prior chess experience. Together, they have grown the club to over 130 students, one of the largest in NC.

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