Game Changer Program to help NC schools and community organizations start new chess clubs

Chess clubs provide so many benefits to students, schools, and communities, but very few NC schools and organizations have them due to financial constraints or lack of support for volunteer chess instructors.

To address this need, the Indermaur Chess Foundation announced our Game Changer Program. Our goal is to help 100 North Carolina schools and community organizations start new chess clubs!

NC public, charter, and private schools, libraries, and community organizations starting new chess programs are eligible to apply. Accepted organizations will receive:

  • 5 chess sets each with a 20-inch vinyl board and a set of chess pieces (We currently have colorful, weighted pieces. Please let us know your school colors so we can try to match them.)
  • a Chess-Steps Learning Chess instructor manual
  • a Chess-Steps Learning Chess student workbook (and discounts on additional workbooks)
  • a ChessKid Gold account for their chess program coordinator
  • ChessKid basic accounts for their students
  • online support for their chess program coordinator
  • help arranging online or over-the-board matches with other schools and organizations in this program

To apply for our Game Changer Program, please complete either:

Are you interested in starting a chess club at your school or organization?

Our goal is to provide you the resources and support so that you feel comfortable doing exactly that! Soccer leagues across NC help thousands of parents coach recreational soccer teams even if they have no previous experience teaching soccer. Through this Game Changer Program we will provide you similar help so you can start and successfully run a chess club.

Resources we selected for you:

We selected the resources for this program after testing instructional materials with elementary school, middle school, and home school chess programs led by school teachers, parents, and older student volunteers.

Learning Chess: Step 1 Manual and Workbook: the Chess Step method was originally developed in the Netherlands to teach children to play chess. It quickly spread across Europe and is now available worldwide. Each of the six steps in the method has a workbook with exercises and summaries for the student and an accompanying manual for the trainer. The manuals contain complete scripted lessons for the teacher as well as aids to address typical challenges children face at each stage of learning. The books are written so that trainers do not need extensive chess knowledge. Step 1 explains all the rules of chess and helps students develop the basic skills needed to play chess (from beginner up to a USCF rating of 800). ChessKid is a fun, safe website and app for children to learn and practice chess. The new ChessKid Classroom Lesson Planner guides teachers and students through the most important 30 lessons that every new chess player needs to learn. We found that students really enjoyed the video lessons. Beginners liked playing against the robot while more experienced students liked playing against other students and solving puzzles. Students who practiced with ChessKid at home improved more rapidly.

Now, it’s your move!

Apply now to bring the benefits of chess to your organization.

If you would like to help more schools and community organizations start chess clubs, please donate to support this program.