One of our goals at the Indermaur Chess Foundation is to promote and support chess clubs in public libraries around North Carolina (see Libraries Up Their Game By Adding Chess).

When COVID arrived in 2020, the libraries took a hit like everything else, and chess was suspended.  We were excited to learn that the chess club at the Eden Public Library, in Rockingham County, has been up and running again since October with 10 children and 4 adults regularly participating.  Rachel, the coordinator, said that the children have had a blast getting to know one another across the board and are even enjoying their own inside jokes.  She’s planning on hosting a tournament in the spring, and we’re looking forward to hearing all about it!

If you’d like to start a chess club at your local NC library, please apply for our Game Changer Program.

2 thoughts on “Library Chess Resumes

  1. I just found the club for my son and called the library. Sadly they said they are not having the chess club anymore but are going to have a game night every other week.

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    1. Melissa, it sounds like they have broadened it to include other games which should encourage more patrons to participate. Hopefully, that gives your son more opportunities to play chess. We have seen other libraries do this. For example, some now have chess and checkers clubs. We also help schools start chess clubs, so, if a teacher or other parents at your son’s school would like to start one there, we would be glad to help. Mark


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